Friday, December 5, 2008

Never, Ever Pay Full Retail for Anything!

Something my mom always taughtme from the beginning of time....Never, ever pay full retail!
This is truly a mindset. It is so hard to see all the nice new things that come out each season and not "WANT" it all.
But here is what my mom taught me:

When all the new things come....we would go "wish" shopping.
we would go and look at everything, the new fashions and decide what we liked and what we didn't, try on and really got a feel for what we truly comes the tricky part.
We would walk out and leave all of it at the store.

No impulse buying here. lol
Then when the stores started their sales. We would guessed it............stay

Then when the stores would have a really good sale, like the one I went to yesterday...90% off.
We would go and buy.

Now the downside is there was not always what we picked out the first day. But we did always do well. I was always clothed very well.

My dad still does this to this day. He visits the big department stores in our area and chooses what he will want when the sales get good. Usually he will buy when the item is 50% off and take another 50% off.....He is frugal too!

The key here is to always buy at the end of the season for the next year. Those of you who have small will get good at guessing growth rate of your can be done.

My girls always were a year behind the styles...
If there was an item that came out that was very trendy and I knew would only last for one season...If it was something they really wanted......Then it might become a Christmas Present.

You get the basic impulse buying.........wait for end of season!
You will save thousands of dollars using this method.

The cool thing is, after a year or so, you realize that you are learning the sales patterns of your favorite stores and you know how long to hold out for that favorite item.
Best Shopping!

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