Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Handcrafted Soaps! A Consumer Review

A Consumer Review: Introducing Spotted Cow Soaps

I recently came across a site called "Spotted Cow Soaps" selling homemade soaps, scrubs other goodies for bathtime. All items are handcrafted of 100% pure and natural ingredients in the heart of Vermont.
This site struck me because of how visually appealing the Christmas line was.

Gingerbread Whipped Sugar Scrub
(see what I mean, looks good enough to eat)

Gingerbread Soap

I was intrugued by just the pictures of this soap...I am allergic to most sented items, so I am always skeptical..I can't tell you how many times I have ordered something and when I got it, it made me physically sick.

Well, we are rushing around getting ready for the holidays and when the package came, I was so excited. I needed a good, long tub soak!! The packaging was adorable. Again, visually appealing.

I ran the bathwater and put in my gingerbread bath fizz....I got 3 of these for $3.00. Wonderful sent and I melted away in the bath. NO ALERGIC REACTIONS HERE! :) I used the Gingerbread Soap. Wonderful! Left my skin feeling soft and clean with no residue left behind. I have extremely dry skin, itchy in the winter. After my bath my skin felt soft. I LOVE the Bath fizzy thingies.

When I got out of the tub, my skin had a wonderful light smell ...I felt so pampered.

I also got some the the gingerbread sugar scrub....Oh My GoOdNeSs!!!!

The smell, the sugar scrubbed away all the dead skin and then just dissolved into a creamy lather that rinsed away in the bath water...making the bath water smell wonderful....Can you say AWESOME!

I am quite sure that I didn't gain any weight while using these products, but the thought crossed my mind that I might...lol

With these items being mostly Christmas themed...I thought you'd be interested in some of her upcoming items for Valentines Day!!

Black Tie Affair is truly an affair to remember! Romance and Sophistication abound in this handsome bar of soap. We’ve combined sandalwood, frankincense & amber with some hidden surprises for a truly luxurious Black Tie Affair. Your skin will be pleased with our superfatted soap formula. With the addition of Dead Sea Mud, your skin will be pampered and loved like royalty.

Tunnel of Love Soap ~ Romance at it's best. A hint of Chocolate and Roses surrounded in an intoxicating Fruit Tonic. An awesome combination that leaves you wanting more. This superfatted soap formula is my own signature formula. It will leave your skin feeling extra pampered and loved.
Spotted Cow Soaps has created an awesome JUMBO Bath Fizzie in the shape of a heart and weighing in at 5 ounces. Tunnel of Love is Romance at it's best. We've created our own fragrance blend that offers a hint of Chocolate and Roses surrounded in an intoxicating Fruit Tonic. An awesome combination that leaves you wanting more.
This My Friends is what works for me today!!!!!

Where Have I Been For So Long!!!?

I am sorry for the lack of post as of late....I have been enjoying the holidays. After that we have been doing some massive cleaning out and moving stuff around in the house....Then I had to get ready to go with my honey on a Bahama Cruise.....

We got a fabulous deal....I mean really good. NCL had a balcony room, 4 night cruise for .......are you ready....$249.00 each person....!!!!!!!

We went with another couple and had a blast....3 islands, and lots of food....lol

It was awesome.

There are some great deals out there right now. We went through expedia.com. Be sure to shop around all the sites....orbitz, expedia and any other you come across...the prices are different and can be different from day to day.

I even heard of some couples getting inside rooms for $99.00 each.....WOW!

Can you say cheap vacation!

Good luck!
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