Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Show and Tell: The Parent's Edition #1-January 30, 2009

Welcome the the first edition of "Show and Tell, The Parent's Edition.
I wanted a place where parents could share with other parents their
  • accomplishments
  • awards
  • breakthroughs
  • field trips
  • special moments
  • funny things your child said
  • successful teaching methods or curriculum
Basically, this is an easy thing...don't think of it complicated. We all have things that happen in our week with our kids that we immediately want to share or "light bulb" moments with our kids that we want to share.

This is the place...we can learn so much from each other and encourage each other in this journey with our children.

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My Show and Tell for this week,

My Daughter: Type A Personality

My daughter is such an individual. I am always having to remind her that I am the parent and she is the daughter. These boundries are easily confused.

She has so many great qualities, she is very organized, is usually good at leadership. These things don't always come with patience and a calm spirit. This was illustrated this week when she was put in a leadership position.

She and 3 other teens lead a group of some 40 other teen in a "Rush Night". They were to come up with ideas and put together a booth with food and decorate for competition with another team. They did very well!

My daughter did however learn some lessons....She wanted to do it all and there was NO WAY! She had to learn to let others do their part and wait on them, even if it didn't get done the way she would have done it.

She did so great on the organization and the food and then she had to learn her lessons on patience and letting go of what she had no control over.

It was a great learning experience! I was a proud mama....

So What do you have to share.....?

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