Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Recipe,Courtesy of Publix Aprons!

If you have ever been to Publix, I am sure you have passed by the lady serving up yummy food at the Publix Apron's Booth..

I have tried some delicious meals there and gotten some awesome ideas.

When you try the food, if you like it you can pick up a recipe card right then and there.

I tried one of the recipes Friday evening for dinner. It was a big hit!
As we bloggers love to do, we must share!

Quick and Easy!
So here is the link to the recipe on Publix's Website.

Country Garden Chicken with Cheesy Grits

Please post your families reaction to this wonderful recipe!

Saturday's Shopping Trip

I got this a little out of order.....he, he....

I went out of town this week and took my coupons with me, I knew which stores I needed to hit and I had researched where they were in relation to the interstate...

Most of the store were right off the interstate!

I hit the Krogers, and Publix Stores along the way
Hey, I was using the gas anyway, I also needed to kill some time so I missed rush hour traffic coming back through Nashville, why not, right?

I again, don't have a pic, I have it in my here is what I got FREE.
"If its FREE, Its ME!

10 Surf Laundry Detergents---FREE with rain check and coupons from last week
10 Nestle Quik/single servings--FREE
35 McCormick Gravy Packets/Various Flavors---FREE
18Betty Crocker canned icing/Various Flavors---FREE
1 Doritos Brand Nacho Chips----FREE

100% Savings...I LOVE IT!
What Kind of deals did you get this week,
Please share with us!

Grocery Store Coupon Match Ups: Kroger, Food Lion, Publix 11/15

I have combine in this one post, the links to get your information for area grocery stores.
The links are taking you to
In my opinion, she has the most comprehensive list of sales and coupon matchups that is available online.

I hope this is helpful to all of you frugal shoppers out there.

Click here to see the Coupon Matchups for
KROGER This Week!

Click here to see the Coupon Match ups for
Publix This Week!
Sales here will change 11/18, so be sure to check back.

Click here to see the Coupon Matchups for
Food Lion This Week!
Sales here will chang 11/18, so be sure to check back.

Drug Store Coupon March Ups: Rite Aid, Walgreens, & CVS 11/15-11/21

Here The Drug Store Match Ups for this Week---I am providing you with the links to has the most complete run down online to help you shop with your coupons and get the best deals....This is my opinion...
Thanks, Jenny for all your hard work!

Click here to see all the Coupon Matchups for Rite Aid This Week!
Free Items this week are:
Crest Extra White Plus Scope, GE Energy Smart Light Bulbs ,
Kotex Liners

Plus some really great deals on other go check them out.

Click here to see all the Coupon Matchups for CVS This Week!
Bit of a slow week at CVS, but with some of the coupons out there for $5.00 off, you can combine with sales and coupons for some good besure to check out the deals.

Click here to see all the Coupon Matchups
for Walgreens This Week!
There is
FREE Cough Drops, and Toothpaste,
and there are some other good check it out!

If you come up with any deals...from the drugstores, be sure to share the info here in a comment.

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