Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday's Shopping Trip

I got this a little out of order.....he, he....

I went out of town this week and took my coupons with me, I knew which stores I needed to hit and I had researched where they were in relation to the interstate...

Most of the store were right off the interstate!

I hit the Krogers, and Publix Stores along the way
Hey, I was using the gas anyway, I also needed to kill some time so I missed rush hour traffic coming back through Nashville, why not, right?

I again, don't have a pic, I have it in my here is what I got FREE.
"If its FREE, Its ME!

10 Surf Laundry Detergents---FREE with rain check and coupons from last week
10 Nestle Quik/single servings--FREE
35 McCormick Gravy Packets/Various Flavors---FREE
18Betty Crocker canned icing/Various Flavors---FREE
1 Doritos Brand Nacho Chips----FREE

100% Savings...I LOVE IT!
What Kind of deals did you get this week,
Please share with us!


McDougald's said...

I bought 2 glucose monitors and with the coupons they were free. They also have a rebate in them. While I was checking out the cashier said he wished the were free to diabetics. I asked him if he needed one. He said he had an old one. I told him if he would use it he could have one. I was able to bless someone even before I left the store.
I also bought Glade Scented Oil Candles with refills. I got 4 holders and 6 refills all for $3.00
These made great birthday presents!!! I am thankful I can be frugal and still bless people!

Lynne Campbell said...

That is sooo cool that you were able to bless the cashier....I LOVE It!

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