Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday:Sunrise Freeport Bahamas

Works for Me Wednesday:Cool Site Alert: How To Clean Stuff

I found the awesome site that I just had to share. How to Clean Stuff.net I can help you safely clean just about anything you can imagine....This is one you will want to bookmark for sure.

Also if you have a cleaning tip to offer...they will donate .25 to the clean water fund! So far they have raised $429.00....very cool

This works for me and will be working for me much in the future....

Happy Cleaning

Redbox: Free Movie Wednesday! Yeah Redbox!

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Tackle It Tuesday:Wonderful Online Source to Help With Your Daily Bible Reading!

My tackle for today was going to be something that required the much taken for granted physical effort. But guess what...I broke my one of my ribs yesterday. It isn't really bad, just annoying because I need to restrict physical activity. So since my mind doesn't usually go to sharing with you the less physical things...today it was necessary and I am really glad because I am excited to share with you this.

I had decided at the first of the year to really commit the Holy Word of God, "The Bible", to my heart...The only way you can do this is to read it consistently. Getting a schedule is a beginning. Making a time that you read God's Holy Word. I decided that I would start with the Proverbs...I will read one chapter each day of the month. This is very attainable and after this I plan to do this every month...Next month after I have made this a consistent habit...I plan to add another book in the Bible and read out of each book daily...I will probably start with John or James.
I had been reading my Bible several time a week but it was not a scheduled time in my day...This is what I am working toward...My Bible reading often times got pushed aside.

I am a visual learner and I learn best when something is delivered by visual and audio...so I found this tool that is going to help me so much with this goal I have set for my self.

I found this site that has audio bible reading, along with the words (in large print on my computer screen). I set it on the King James Version....and off I go.

This is a great help in my study of the Bible. I hope you will find it helpful to your study of Gods Word. Bookmark this site!

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