Friday, January 30, 2009

Baking for The Future: Filling the Freezer

Today I cooked up a really big batch of rice. I put 2 cups each in freezer bags and off the the freezer it went...Rice takes so long to cook, this makes for a nice shortcut.I also had cooked a Boston butt pork roast...approx 10 pounds in the slow cooker yesterday. I then put it in the fridge to cook. This morning, I scooped off all the fat, trimmed off all the fat and then just shredded it up.

This meat is so full of fat...I then took it and warmed it up in the microwave to get the fat still left in the meat to liquefy. I put it then in a colander and ran hot water over it until i got all the fat I could out of it. Squeezed the excess water out of the meat, and packed in freezer bags...I put about a cup of meat in each bag.

These are perfect for BBQ Sandwiches or putting in casseroles, etc.
I have a few recipes I want to share tomorrow.
If you did any batch baking or cooking....share it with us...Share recipes too. I need ideas

Todays Deals at Walgreens

Today was a good day at Walgreens.

First: I got a prescription filled-cost me $8.00
Used my transfer prescription coupon and I got a $25.00 gift card.

Then I turned in my color ink cartage to be refilled for $5.00 with coupon plus there was a $5.00 easy saver rebate to turn in so I will get this FREE!

Then I went over to the candy counter. I picked up 2 hershey bars that were on sale for BOGO with in add coupon...I had a coupon from a sunday insert and so, yes there were FREE!

Then I went back to the section that had car stuff. I picked up a AutoExpressions Vent Fresh Elite Auto Air Freshner. It was $4.99. I will get an Easy Saver Rebate for $4.99 and So It was FREE...Plus you can send in for a manufacturer rebate for $4.99. That means I made $4.99 on this one.

Go here for details on coupons used and rebate forms
Oh and guess what inside the package was a coupon for a FREE Refill for the Air Freshner. How about that!

Total for the day
I made $21.99 shopping at Walgreens.....I love Walgreens

Blog Memes List By Day!

Robin at Heart of Wisdom has, of all things scrapbooked memes by days...She also has a list of the memes with links.
Of course she needs to update it cause our new meme, "Show and Tell-The Parent's Edition" isn't on it yet....But we'll give her a break.
Go on over to her blog and check it out...

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival: Seeking His Face Edition

Announcing My First Ever Bloggy Giveaway! It is my pleasure to be involved in this event....
Up for our give away.............

Brita 42633 On Tap Faucet Mounted Water Filtration System

The On Tap System is Brita's most advanced water filtration system for healthier, great-tasting water, right from your faucet.

    Features and Benefits:
  • Attaches easily to your faucet without tools
  • Filter has added layer to trap sediment
  • Features an electronic LED filter change indicator that flashes red when the filter should be replaced
  • Easy to change filter
  • Easy to switch from filtered to unfiltered water
  • Filter life lasts up to 100 gallons depending on local water conditions
  • Retails $39.99

In order to enter to win this wonderful item, you may
  • Simply leave a comment telling me what kind of water you drink most often right now..tap, bottled, filtered etc.. Be sure to leave email addy
  • leave a tweet about this bloggy giveaway with the link back to this page, leave a comment with the link to your tweet; you may do this once a day until the drawing. Be sure to leave email addy
  • leave a post on your facebook about this bloggy giveaway; then leave a comment linking back to your post on facebook..Be sure to leave your email addy
  • become a follower of my blog, leave a comment stating that you did so. don't forget your email addy
  • subscribe to my blog, leave a comment stating so; don't for get your email addy.
You may enter using all these methods.
The contest will close on Monday, February 2nd. I will randomly draw a winner and announce it at 3pm on February 3rd. I will also email the winner if available.

Check out the other giveaways here, enter them all!

Good Luck!

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