Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now There is Cooking & Baking & Cleaning & Shopping.......

I feel as if I am naming off Santa's Reindeer and there is no end.

With my oldest daughter off from college yesterday and off from work...we decided to finally get the tree up. They did it all with a little directions ( unwanted as it may be ) from mom.

They did an awesome job. The tree was loaned to us from a dear, sweet, friend from church and it is the most beautiful tree I have ever had in my house. It looks so real....It is really big and we moved the room around to make it fit....Only problem is, if anyone comes to the front door....we can't get it open....OH NO!

We don't have a chimney either...how will Santa get in....OH MY! Another dilema!

While the girls put up the tree, I was off to the kitchen to make up a batch of sugar cookie dough to use in our homeschool party. We baked and decorated the sugar cookies of all shapes and then we split up and delivered them to many deserving folks in our community...I hope they all have health insurance...lol
It was a fun day and as soon as we got home the bad weather came in and we were safe and sound and snug in our home....It was a good time.

Today, we have ice everywhere and I am going to do some more baking while there girls clean. My youngest is finishing up her school work for the day first and nursing a cold she woke up with...yuck.
I have and will have several posts having to do with Christmas Baking, Cookie Exchange Parties and such topics. Come back and get some great Cookie Recipies. Better Yet Subscribe to the feed and get the post daily.

I hope your day is fruitful and you are warm and snug in your home. God Bless!

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