Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Baby in My Family: Meet Gavin James

Congrats to Brian and Chelsea on the Birth of Their New Baby Son:
Gavin James
8 lbs and 2 ozs
November 14, 2008

These Gas Prices are Really Working For Me!

Wordless Wednesday

Taking Care of My Ever Aging Skin

My tackle today is taking care of my Skin. After I turned 40,(several years back), I noticed drastic changes in my skin. I have gotten age spots and have been trying everything to lighten them...One thing I have found out for sure..

.If you do nothing they will not go away..

.If you do something, it might help...

This facts are not really comforting...but it does keep me searching for a product that will really help.

You can spend alot of money on skincare! Goodness, sometimes I wonder if there is gold in the bottles..lol

I have been trying several products and found several that seem to work.

First, let me say that if you have hormone problems..this could complicate your skin aging problems.
I recently have started on bioidentical estrogen and a compounded mixture from my pharmicist that really seems to be helping my skin. yeah!

Second I found a good, affordable,skin brightner and moisturizer. I have had dark circles for years and they are much better and my skin looks much better.
It is called Juice Organics.

First I use the Brightening Serum Cost approx $19.00
Then I use the Brightening MoisturizerCost approx $14.00

This really works and I am happy with the price...I actually got mine on clearance for $2.00 a bottle which is awesome...but, this is a product that I will purchase for the prices listed above. It is good stuff and organic too. I Love it and it Works for me.
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