Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free Bath & Body Works Item with $10 Purchase

Think Mother’s Day…or a friends birthday! I saw our Bath and Body Works had 3 tables of 75% off today so I may have to take this back and make a few gifts up! Grab your coupon from here!!

$5/$5 JC Penney Coupon!

JC Penney is offering a $5 off $5 or more coupon valid for online and in-store purchases when you sign up for JC Penney Rewards using source code 3008 or 3050.

Note, you will be prompted to register a credit card, which is required to earn future rewards, however, it’s not required to get the $5 certificate. After signing up, log into your account, and click here to get access to your $5 certificate.

Tackle it Tuesday-Tackling Clutter

(Not a picture of my house :) )
You know how you let the clutter get built up all over the house? Well, I am the master of clutter. making it that is. lol.
The best way to tackle clutter is to get laundry baskets. I have one for upstairs and down.
I set it in the hallway and start in one room. If the items go down, I put them in the basket...if it stays up I put it in the other. After my collection, I put the basket on my hip of off I go putting the items up.
This stops you from going back and forth!
Plus if you are in a hurry, someone coming over...you take the baskets and put them in a closet to finish later.
If you forget the baskets are there and find them later......and didn't miss what was in the baskets, take it all to goodwill....lol

My Dear Friend Robin over at Heart of Wisdom-Heart at Home has a wonderful list of her Top 20 Organizing and Decluttering Tips!
Here they are for you!
  1. Laundry Room Makeover
  2. Get Rid of Cord Clutter (cell phone recharging)
  3. Organizing Computer Cables
  4. Get Rid of Refrigerator Clutter
  5. Declutter the Pantry and Discourage Critters
  6. Tackling Bedside Clutter
  7. 10 Minutes to a Sparkling Clean Bathroom
  8. Pegboard Organization: Not Just for the Garage
  9. No Shelves Linen Storage Solution
  10. Tackling the Dreaded Sock Basket
  11. Decluttering: Letting Go of the Baby Clothes
  12. Shoe Storage in the Mudroom
  13. Vinegar the Wonder Household Cleaner
  14. Quick House Cleaning Tips
  15. Gotta Love Those Label Makers!
  16. Think Outside the Cardboard Box
  17. Decluttering for Geeks
  18. Need Help Getting Organized? Call the Kids!
  19. Book Organizing Tackle
  20. Get Organized with Good Ol’ Dishpans

Happy Cleaning
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