Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekly Savings Round-Up:Publix

Retail: $319.23
Store Sales saved me $154.08
I used 120 coupons totaling $116.80
My Total--$48.35
My Grand Total
thats like 1/6 retail.....

I got my coupon match up from southern

Items I found great deals on were as follows, you can go to southernsavers to get the coupon match ups.

Lipton Family Size Tea Bages--.69 each
Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix--.11 each
Kraft Miracle Whip--$1.50 each
Swansons Broth--$.59 each
Delmonte Tomatoes can-Free plus overage
Kraft Dressing- Free plus overage
Land O Lakes Butter-$1.00 each
Wheat Thins Artizan Crackers-Free
Phildelphia Cream Cheese--$1.00
Domion Sugar 5 lb bag--$1.29 a bag
Chex Mix-.26 a bag
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