Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Everyday Coupon Book: $13.59 for $500 worth of coupons

Here's the list of the coupons in this Book. Because there are so many, in some cases I won't list every single one.

Product Coupons:

$1 off 1 Advil 40ct or larger
$.40 off 1 Strip or Jar of Fleischmann's Yeast
$.40 off 1 Karo Corn Syrup or selected Corn Starch
$1 off1 Spice Island Product
$.55 off 1 Durkee Product
$3 off 1 Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVD (which I highly recommend, btw...that's another post)
$3 off 2 Element DVDs
$1 off 1 Arm & Hammer Total 2 in 1 moist dryer cloths
$1 off any 2 Arm & Hammer laundry detergents or sheets
Several Aura Cacia and Aura Cacia Kids coupons (post a comment if you want all of these)
$.50 off 1 Blue Ribbon Rice
$1 off 2 Steamfresh Vegetable or Rice varieties
$1 off 2 Steamfresh lightly sauced varieties
$.55 off 1 Blistex lip care product
$1 off 1 Blistex Lip Massage, Deep Renewal, or Silk & Shine
(2) $1 off 1 Bertolli Olive Oil
$1 off 1 extra virgin Bertolli Olive Oil
$1 off 1 extra light Bertolli Olive Oil
Assorted Caribou Coffee coupons for drinks in their store
(3) $1 off 1 Caribou Coffee 12 oz. bags in grocery stores - All with different expiration dates
$1 off any 1 Centrum Performance
$2 off 1 Centrum Performance 75ct or larger
$1 off 1 Centrum Silver
$2 off 1 Centrum Silver 150ct or larger
$1 off 1 Centrum Ultra
$3 off 1 Centrum Ultra 200ct
$.40 off 1 manual kid's or adults Colgate toothbrush
$1 off 1 5lb box Cuties Clementines
$.55 off 1 3lb bag Cuties Clementines
$1 off 1 Dancing Deer Product
$1 off 2 bottles Dentyne gum
$.50 off Eggland's Best Eggs
$1 off 1 bag Everybody's Pistachios
$1 off 1 Frontier branded product
$.55 off 1 Goya Adobo
$1 off 6 Goya Beans 15.5oz. or larger
$.75 off 1 carton Great Day All Natural Eggs
$.50 off 1 bag Halls Refresh Hard Candy
$1 off 1 bag Kettle Chips
$2 off any 12 pack or 8 pack LaCroix
$1 off 1 Lady Speed Stick
$1.50 off Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof
$1 off 2 Lean Cuisine Varieties
$1.50 when you buy both any Pampers Diapers and any Pampers Wipes 60ct or larger
$1 off 1 Pampers Diapers or Pants
$.50 off 1 Pamper's Wipes 60ct. or larger
$.75 off 1 Plum Organics Tots Products
$1 off 1 Quilted Northern 6 double roll or larger package
$1.25 when you buy both Reynold's Parchment paper and 1 Reynold's Baking Cup
$1 off 1 Seventh Generation Dish or Spray Cleaner
$1 off 1 Seventh Generation Feminine Care Product
$1 off 1 Seventh Generation package of diapers or wipes
$1 off 3 Simply Organic Seasoning Packets, Dips, or Dressings
(2)$1 off 2 Packages of Special K - Different Expiration Dates
$1 off 1 Softsoap Body Wash
$1 off 1 South Beach Living Fiber Fit Granola bars, high protein cereal bars, Sweet Nut Creations Bars, or 100 calorie snack bars
(2)$.55 off Sunbelt Family Pack or Cereal Variety
$1 off 1 Tyson Frozen Chicken or Beef Strips
$1 off 1 Tyson Skillet Creations meal kit
$.55 off 1 Tyson Refrigerated Chicken or Steak Strips
$.55 off 1 Tyson Heat & Eat Entree
$1 off 1 bag Wonderful Pistachios

There is also a alot of online coupons.

This book, in my opinion is a good deal.
To Order: Click below

CVS Helps Us Remember to Use Green Bags! Earn ECBS


CVS knows that I need help being green! They are starting a new program to help us all remember to use reuseable bags.

Head on over to your CVS and look for the card above and buy a “Bag Tag” for .99 cents.

Take this and put it on your favorite reusable bag and every time you check out scan your extracare card and your bag tag. After you scan your bag tag 4 times you will get $1 ECB!! Every forth trip, you will make $1!!

You can only get one credit per day, so those doing multiple transactions in the same day only get it counted once.

This could make a great filler item, so don’t plan to actually spend US currency to get it, but use CVS currency.

Rite Aid: $25 gift card when you transfer a prescription

There's a brand-new coupon here for a free $25 gift card when you transfer a prescription to Rite Aid. If you have two prescriptions, you can get two gift cards.

Thanks, moneysavingmom

Coupon For A Free Product by Happy Baby Organic!

Happy Baby is offering a coupon for a free package of any of their Happy Baby Organic products. Go here to print yours.

Click here to find who carries these products near you.

Expires November 10, 2009 :limited to one per customer.

These go FAST so in you want one Print it NOW!

Thanks, The Freebie Blogger!

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