Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where Do All Those Coupons Come From? HELP!

Sunday Newspaper --88% of you coupons will be in the Sunday Paper
2 inserts Smart Source and Red Plum----Occasionally there will be a Proctor and Gamble insert..(usually monthly) or General Mills-
You will need to have at least one copy of the Sunday Tennessean every week...the more copies, the better. Consider Subscribing

In my area:
Kroger has the Sunday Tennessean on Monday for $1.00! They usually sell them at this price till they run out!
Dollar Tree has the Sunday Tennessean on Sunday for $1.00!
Walgreen's right now has Sunday Tennessean for $.99! This could change at any time...
You will need to investigate your area to see what if available....ask around.

To see a list of what inserts will be in the paper and what coupons will be in each insert, visit
This could help in deciding how many papers you will want to aquire.

Coupon Insert Schedule for the Year 2009:
NOTE: One holiday weekends...There will be no inserts in either of these papers.

Other Sources:

Ask friends, relatives, and co-workers for their extra papers. Let it be known that you are a couponer and will gladly accept any extra coupon inserts from anyone who doesn't use them. You might be surprised how many you can collect this way. Elderly neighbors seem to be especially eager to save their coupons for others, so be sure to ask them.

Get coupons at the store. Keep your eyes peeled at the store and pick up any coupons you find on tear-pads or in the blinking dispensers. If there are extras, pick up multiple copies of these. A lot of times, this very item will be on an exceptional sale just a few weeks later and you’ll be more than glad you picked up that handful of coupons!

Store magazines, booklets, or fliers. Many stores like Publix will have booklets, or fliers with store coupons and manufacture's coupons in them...these are great sources for coupons...pick up several when you can.

Join Store Loyalty Programs:
You get the sale prices in the stores like Kroger and you get coupons mailed to your home.

Print coupons out online. (CAUTION: PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOU PRINT COUPONS ONLINE-YOU CAN AND WILL GET VIRUS THAT WILL CAUSE YOUR COMPUTER TO CRASH--SEE PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER SECTION ON MY BLOG ( MORE SPECIFIC INFO ON HOW TO DO THIS) The Printable coupons will generally have a higher value that the insert coupons. If your store accepts “printables,” this can be a great source of coupons. You can do a search for "printable coupons" and it will bring up many different coupons. You can also do a search for a specific item and see if there are any printable coupons. Most of these sites allow you to print two coupons per computer every few weeks. The coupons offered on these sites usually change every month. Check out the list on the sidebar for some of my favorite links to printable coupon websites. ... Bear in mind-you can print your coupons in black and white to save on color ink!!!!

Print the printable coupons when you first see them, if you think you'll need them! Don't wait til you need them to print...they may not be there. They are set to print a certain amount and when they are gone .....they are gone.

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