Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Books from Scholastic

Scholastic has two book offers: one in exchange for an online survey, and one for mailing in a UPC from Pampers or Kandoo.

K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo

Free Book for Online Survey: Click HERE to complete the survey.

Become a Product Reviewer: For Homeschool Families Only! Awesome!

Awesome New Program for Homeschoolers youreceive free products from, you and your children test them out, and provide feedback!

Click HERE to access the Homeschool website. The “Become a Product Tester” link is located on the left side of the page under the Free Stuff heading.

Works for Me Wednesday:Excercizing is Good!

In thinking of what I could post about that works for me....I can tell you that I used to be close to 40 lbs heavier...I felt not so good all the time...tired and yuck.

The first step the worked for me in a great way and is still working for me is Weight Watchers...This is a wonderful program. I posted previously on works for me Wednesday on Weight watchers...You can see that post plus another one with helpful links here.

I droped 35 lbs and felt so much better. I basically lost the weight by diet...which was good. I did some exercising but not really.

Then several years ago my daughters and I joined Curves. This got us going on a routine to excercising. We liked it and were members for 2 years.

Then we wanted some change and we joined our local YMCA. This has been so awesome. We can excercise in so many ways, change up what we do. I feel better and have so much more energy than I used to . It has been so awesome. The first years I paid with the membership with money I made in a side venture breeding German Shepherd Dogs. After that we realized it need to be part of the budget.

Excercise works for me...You don't need to attend a gym to get excercize but it helps in our case because all three of us can get a workout in at the same time and we love it.

If you don't have an excercize program....start it regular, and find someone you can do it with...maybe not together but report to. Good Luck!

Wordless Wednesday:Miracles Still Do Happen

Praise God!
Trey Finally Gets to be held
by Mom and Dad!

To See more about the Little Miracle, Visit Trey's Blog.
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