Friday, November 14, 2008

Kroger: Free Stuff with Kroger Coupons

Do you get an fat envelope in the Mail from Kroger every once in a while? It has coupons in it.I have always opened and tried to work these coupons into my shopping.

I was excited and opened the envelope to see what goodies were in there....and surprise........

There were 4 coupons that had items totally FREE. I got Kroger Bottled water (case of 24), Box of Cherrios, Box of Nature Valley Granola Bars and a Sara Lee Pumpkin Pie....All Free! I was so excited.

I am not positive what generates these coupons...I think you have to register for a Kroger Card....I also think you have to use your Kroger card to get them...I use mine every time I shop Kroger.


So, the moral of this story the envelope....use the coupons....or just mail them to

Blessings, Lynne
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