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My Publix Shopping Trip-I Love Publix!

I don't have a pic....I am sooooo sorry about that...but it just didn't work out.
But I think I can share with you and you can visualize the savings...

Okay, here goes. Picture 16 boxes of Lipton Tea....various flavors ummmm.
4 Shout Laundry Stain Remover
8 Lysol Spray Cleaner
4 Lysol Antibac Cleaner
2 Mrs Paul Fish
1 Cascade Rinse Aid
2 I Can't Believe Its Not Butter Spray
1 Box Special K Cereal
Drum roll please!
Yep, Thats $116.75 worth of Groc for
Me doing the happy dance!

Organizing Those Coupons!

If you have a coupon and you have a great sale yet you can't find the coupon....what good did it do you to save it?

There are many methods of organizing your coupons. You will have to research and decide for yourself which method fits your personality style.

Here are some links to methods of organization you may research for yourself.

Envelope Method:

Alphabethical File Method:

Binder Method:

Still Another Binder Method:

This is just a few ideas to get you creative juices flowing.

I use the Binder Method to store my coupons that are not specified for a specific sale.

I use a manila envelopes containing:
One for each store with a print out of sales and coupon match ups
matching coupons

So when I go into a store, I pull out my matching envelope containing sale list and matching coupons.

You will drive yourself crazy!

When you first start collecting coupons it can be VERY overwhelming if you try to cut them all out and organize them....

1. File your Sunday Inserts by dates....FILE THE WHOLE INSERT!
When you come across a coupon match up you can go right to the insert and you can find it easy....

2. You can cut out coupons that you KNOW you might need on a spur of the moment transaction. Things you know you will buy or things you might find in clearance or on sale..having the coupon makes the deals SWEETER!

ie: toilet paper, shampoos, conditioner, feminine needs, your favorite salad dressing, etc.
As time goes on you will know instinctively which coupons you will need to have on hand.

Where Do All Those Coupons Come From? HELP!

Sunday Newspaper --88% of you coupons will be in the Sunday Paper
2 inserts Smart Source and Red Plum----Occasionally there will be a Proctor and Gamble insert..(usually monthly) or General Mills-
You will need to have at least one copy of the Sunday Tennessean every week...the more copies, the better. Consider Subscribing

In my area:
Kroger has the Sunday Tennessean on Monday for $1.00! They usually sell them at this price till they run out!
Dollar Tree has the Sunday Tennessean on Sunday for $1.00!
Walgreen's right now has Sunday Tennessean for $.99! This could change at any time...
You will need to investigate your area to see what if available....ask around.

To see a list of what inserts will be in the paper and what coupons will be in each insert, visit
This could help in deciding how many papers you will want to aquire.

Coupon Insert Schedule for the Year 2009:
NOTE: One holiday weekends...There will be no inserts in either of these papers.

Other Sources:

Ask friends, relatives, and co-workers for their extra papers. Let it be known that you are a couponer and will gladly accept any extra coupon inserts from anyone who doesn't use them. You might be surprised how many you can collect this way. Elderly neighbors seem to be especially eager to save their coupons for others, so be sure to ask them.

Get coupons at the store. Keep your eyes peeled at the store and pick up any coupons you find on tear-pads or in the blinking dispensers. If there are extras, pick up multiple copies of these. A lot of times, this very item will be on an exceptional sale just a few weeks later and you’ll be more than glad you picked up that handful of coupons!

Store magazines, booklets, or fliers. Many stores like Publix will have booklets, or fliers with store coupons and manufacture's coupons in them...these are great sources for coupons...pick up several when you can.

Join Store Loyalty Programs:
You get the sale prices in the stores like Kroger and you get coupons mailed to your home.

Print coupons out online. (CAUTION: PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOU PRINT COUPONS ONLINE-YOU CAN AND WILL GET VIRUS THAT WILL CAUSE YOUR COMPUTER TO CRASH--SEE PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER SECTION ON MY BLOG ( MORE SPECIFIC INFO ON HOW TO DO THIS) The Printable coupons will generally have a higher value that the insert coupons. If your store accepts “printables,” this can be a great source of coupons. You can do a search for "printable coupons" and it will bring up many different coupons. You can also do a search for a specific item and see if there are any printable coupons. Most of these sites allow you to print two coupons per computer every few weeks. The coupons offered on these sites usually change every month. Check out the list on the sidebar for some of my favorite links to printable coupon websites. ... Bear in mind-you can print your coupons in black and white to save on color ink!!!!

Print the printable coupons when you first see them, if you think you'll need them! Don't wait til you need them to print...they may not be there. They are set to print a certain amount and when they are gone .....they are gone.

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Rite Aid Weekly Ad 8/23-8/2

To see the weekly ad go here.

Don’t forget the $5 off $25 coupon or another one here.

Single Check Rebate Deals

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste $2.49
-$2.49 SCR #119 (limit 1)
-$1 off Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Advanced Clean, or Advanced Fresh Toothpaste, SS 8/9
-$1 off Colgate Total Advanced, printable
-$1.50/1 Colgate Total, March All You Magazine
Total = Free to $1.50 profit depending on coupon used!

Tylenol, 20-24 ct. various types $2.99
-$2 SCR #50 (limit 1)
-$2 off any Tylenol Extra Strength Product SS 7/26, 6/21
-$2 off Tylenol 8 hr printable
-$1 off any Tylenol SS 6/07 or printable (IE) or printable (FF)
Total = $1.01 profit!!
Qualifies towards Rebate #97 Buy $25 get $5 rebate, Buy $50 get $25 rebate

Zyrtec Allergy 10mg., 30 ct. or Zyrtec D 12 Hour 24ct. $18.99
-$5 off Zrytec in ad coupon (store coupon)
-$4 off Zyrtec, 24 ct+, SS 8/02, 8/23 or printable
Total = $9.99 ea

Buy 3, use 3 store and manufacturer coupons and get::
$10 Rite Aid gift card for every $50 in Zyrtec Purchases (limit 3)
Qualifies towards Rebate #97 Buy $25 get $5 rebate, Buy $50 get $25 rebate
(tip: these do not have to be purchased in the same transaction)

Check out a $19,50 money maker scenario!!!

Kotex Pads 14-24ct, Liners 42-64ct or Tampons 18ct (2) for $5
-$2 SCR #40 wyb 2 (limit 1)

Kotex Pantiliners SS 7/19
-$1 off Kotex Pads SS 7/19, 8/23
-$1 off Kotex Product printable (IE) or printable (FF)
Total = .50¢ ea after (2) $1 coupons!

Rubbermaid Chug Bottle 20oz. $2 ea
-$1 SCR #144 wyb (2) (limit 1)
-$1 off Rubbermaid pitcher or bottle RP 6/28

Total = .50¢ ea

Goody Ouchless Elastics 17-36 ct Hair bands
-$2 SCR #113 (limit 1)

Powerade 32oz. $1 ea
-$1 SCR wyb (5) Powerade 32 oz (limit 1)

Crayola, all Art and Craft Supplies, B1G1 50% off
-$1 SCR # 62 wyb (2) Markers 10ct, Washable 8 ct, Pencils 24pk or Crayons 64ct (limit 1)

Glade Sense and Spray or Lasting Impressions $6.99(This seems to be $9.99 in TN)
-$2 SCR #138 Sense & Spray (limit 1)
-$2 SCR #137 Lasting Impressions (limit 1)

-$4 off Glade Sense & Spray July All You Magazine or SS 8/23
-$3 off Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions, SS 8/02
Total = .99¢ to $1.99 depending on coupon($4.99 in TN)

Reveal Energy Smart Bulbs 10, 13, 20, or 26 Watt, 2pk. $4.50 ea
-$2 SCR #150 wyb 2 (limit 1)
-$1 off GE Bulbs printable
Total = $1.50 ea

Philips 5 Device Flip Style Remote Control $11.99
-$9 SCR (limit 1)
Total = $2

(note: the ad says something about a $20 mail in rebate…)

Mead Notebook, 1 Subject, 70 sheet, Buy 1 at .99¢ Get 3 FREE
Mead Marble Composition Book, 100 Sheets, Buy 1 at $1.99, Get 3 FREE
Mead Binders, Folders, or Notebooks B1G1 50% off
$1 SCR #1 wyb $10 in Mead Products $2 SCR #1 wyb $15 $4 SCR #1 wyb $20 $7 SCR #1 wyb $30 $10 SCR #1 wyb $40
-$1/2 Mead 5 Star products RP 8/16

Pilot Precise V5 or V7 Pens 2ct. $2 ea
-$2 SCR #84 wyb (2) (limit 1)
Total = $1 ea

Elmer’s School Sticks 3 pk $1.50 ea
-$1 SCR#57 wyb (3) (limit 1)
Total = $1.17 ea

Rite Aid M5 Magnum Razor 1ct. or Refill Cartridges 4ct. $6.99
-$2 SCR #128 (limit 1)
-$2 off Magnum Razor Printable coupon from on side bar
Total = $2.99

Thermacare products B1G1 50% off starting at $5.99
-$5 Rite Aid Gift Card SCR #800 wyb $20 in Advil or Thermacare products
-$2 off Advil or Advil PM in ad coupon (store coupon)
-$1 off Advil PM, 16 ct.+ RP 7/12 -$2 off Advil PM, 80 ct.+ RP 7/12 -$1 off Advil, 40ct+ $1 RP 6/21, 8/23
-$3/2 Advil 32ct + and Thermacare 2ct + RP 8/23
-$3 off Thermacare RP 8/23 or printable

Stuart Prenatal, 100ct. $24.99
-$10 SCR #100 (limit 1)
Total = $14.99
(this is 50% off from regular price at most stores)

Franklin Spanish-English Translator or Spelling Ace & Thesaurus $19.99 ea
-$5 SCR #88 Spanish English Translator (limit 1)
-$5 SCR #74 Spelling Ace & Thesaurus (limit 1)

Total = $14.99 ea

Other Deals

Herbal Essences Hair Care $3 ea
Free Styling Product wyb Shampoo or Conditioner RP 7/26 -$1 off Herbal Essences RP 8/23
(buy 2, use both coupons makes it $1 ea)

Trident Xtra Care Gum B1G1 at $1.29
-$1/2 Trident Gum, printable (must register)

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 7.25oz. B1G1
B3G1 Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner printable (limit reached)

Van Camp’s Pork and Beans, 15oz. B1G1
-.30/3 Van Camps Beans SS 6/21

Planters Trail Mix, 6oz. $1.50 ea
-$1/2 Planters Trail Mix “Nabisco $55 Year Long Savings” booklet

Welch’s Grape Jelly, 32oz. $2 ea
-.75/1 off any Welch’s Jelly or Jam Printable coupon from on side bar

Lysol Wipes 28-35ct. B1G1
-$1 off Lysol Wipes SS 7/12
-$1/2 Lysol Wipes SS 8/09, 7/12 or printable

Drano Max, 32oz. or Foaming Liquid, 17oz. B1G1

Fantastik 32 oz cleaner B1G1
-$1 off Fantastik SS 8/02

No Nonsense Hosiery, Any, B1G1

Osteo Bi-Flex B1G1
-$6 off Osteo Bi-Flex product, RP 8/02

Sharpie Highlighters 2 pk $1.50 ea
-$1 off Sharpie Highlighters printable (print limit reached)


Ultimate Zyrtec Deal

(1) Zyrtec 30ct $18.99
(1) Tylenol $2.99
(1) Kotex product $2.50
(2) Trident Gums B1G1 at $1.29
-$5 off $25
-$5 off Zyrtec in ad coupon
-$4 off Zyrtec manf coupon
-$2 off Tylenol
-$1 off Kotex
-$1/2 Trident
Total Due: $7.77

(1) Zyrtec 30ct $18.99
(1) Colgate Total $2.49
(1) Kotex product $2.50
(2) Trident Gums B1G1 at $1.29
-$5 off $25
-$5 off Zyrtec in ad coupon
-$4 off Zyrtec manf coupon
-$1 off Colgate
-$1 off Kotex
-$1/2 Trident
Total Due: $8.27

(1) Zyrtec 30ct $18.99
(2) Rubbermaid Bottles $2 ea($4.99 in TN)
(1) Glade Sense and Spray $6.99($9.99 in TN)
-$5 off $25
-$5 off Zyrtec in ad coupon
-$4 off Zyrtec manf coupon
(2) -$1 off Rubbermaid bottles
-$4 off Sense and Spray
Total Due: $8.98 ($14.97 in TN)

Total Spent: $25.02 ($30.01in TN)
Rebates Back: $44.49 — You make $19.50 profit!! $(13.58 Profit in TN)

$10 Rite Aid Gift card for Zyrtec
$25 rebate #97 for Johnson & Johnson Products
$2.49 rebate for Colgate
$2 rebate for Tylenol
$2 rebate for Kotex
$1 rebate for Rubbermaid
$2 rebate for Glade

Just get the Free Stuff Deal

(1) Colgate Total $2.49
(1) Tylenol $2.99
(2) Kotex Pads $2.50 ea
(2) Rubber Maid Bottles $2 ea
(1) Glade Sense & Spray $6.99
(2) Herbal Essences $3 ea
-$5 off $25
-$1 off Colgate
-$2 off Tylenol
(2) -$1 off Kotex
(2) -$1 off Rubbermaid
-$4 off Sense and Spray
B1G1 Herbal Essences
-$1 off Herbal Essences
Total Due: $8.47

Rebates Back: $9.49 — You make $1 profit!

$2.49 rebate for Colgate
$2 rebate for Tylenol
$2 rebate for Kotex
$1 rebate for Rubbermaid
$2 rebate for Glade

Thanks to for compiling these match ups and senerios.

Visit and Bookmark it!

Awesome Site!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles


Harris Teeter will be running Super doubles starting this Wednesday 8/26 through 9/1. To start getting ready get the list of all $1.50 and $1 coupons that are out.

Super Doubles, means any coupon $1.98 or less will be doubled. They will double 20 coupons per day per card.

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