Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekly Savings Round-Up:Walgreens

Walgreens had several deals this week that made me happy! The main one was Garnier Products were on sale for .99 each...shampoo, conditioner and style products. There were $1.00 coupons out there sooo the products were free.

I ended up with 23 products, all fro .23 profit!

Weekly Savings Round-Up:Walmart

In the 3/1 P&G insert, there was a coupon for $5 off any one IAMs Smart Puppy or Kitten Food. Wal-Mart is reported to have 3.5 lb. bags of Puppy Food priced at $5.00. So after the coupon, this would be free!
I had 13 coupons and so I was able to snag 13 bags of puppy food for FREE!

I love it!
Free is ME!
100% OFF!
And my puppy is really happy as well. He Loves the Food!

CVS-Week of March 15, 2009

******ECB DEALS******

(Good only through Tuesday) Buy 1 Irish Spring Body Wash 15-18 oz. at $4.99, Get $4.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $0.50/1 coupon from the 3/15 SmartSource insert
Free plus $0.50 overage after coupon and ECBs

Buy 1 Dry Idea deodorant at $2.99, Get $2 ECB (Limit 1)
Use $2/1 coupon here
Free plus a $1 overage after coupon and ECBs

Buy 1 Colgate Max Whitening Toothpaste (4.6-6 oz.) at $2.99, Get $2.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $0.75/1 coupon from the 2/22 or 3/15 Smartource insert
Free plus $0.75 overage after coupon and ECBs

******NON-ECB DEALS******

Wheat Thins or Ritz Crackers are on sale for $1. Buy 2 and use the $2/2 coupon from the 1/25 SmartSource insert to get both packages free.

******MARCH ECB DEALS******

Buy 1 CVS Pharmacy Vitamin D 400, 100-ct. at $2.99, Get $2.99 ECBs (Limit 1)
Free after ECBs

Update on Cellfire Coupons

Cellfire posts new coupons every other Tuesday, here is the list of coupons that were put up yesterday. There are some returning offers and some new ones. If you used one of these on Monday then you get to load another one and go shopping again!

.50/1 Healthy Choice Natural Entrees
.50/1 Marie Callender Pasta al Dente
$1 off Orville Natural Gourmet Popcorn
.50/1 Pillsbury Savorings
.75/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
.75/1 Fiber One Cereal
.45/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
.55/1 Cheerios Cereal
.60/1 Chex Mix
.50/6 Yoplait Cups
.80/2 Yoplait Kids Variety Yogurt Cups
.50/1 Pillsbury Holiday Cookies
.25/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper
$3 off 2 packs of Huggies Diapers
$1.50 off Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste 4 oz or larger
$1 off any Kotex product

How does Cellfire work??
They are e coupons that are loaded onto your Kroger shopping card and come off when you buy the right item. The plan is that you register using your cellphone, but you can actually register using a land line phone. You are only going to need to enter a phone number to register and after that everything is saved to your Kroger card and does not need or require a phone.

Do I have to use my cell phone number? Will they send text messages?
You do have to give a phone number to register, however it can be your home phone number. They do send one text message when you register but you do not have to receive it to use the service (give you home number and it will still work great).

Can I stack a Cellfire e coupon with a manufacturer’s paper coupon?
Yes! The short of it is there are too many factors to e coupons to ever make them not let you stack coupons.

Does the coupon apply to multiple items?
No. Each coupon will only come off one item, so if you buy 5 cottonelle packs you will get .25 cents off of one pack. If you have 2 of the same coupon loaded to your card with different expiration dates, you will still only have one come off per transaction. (If you have a matching coupon from a different e coupon source it will come off with the second item in the same transaction).

I bought the right item but the coupon did not come off?
Contact Cellfire customer service off thrie website. They will ask for information off your receipt and will place a coupon on your card for the value of the coupons that should have come off.

Walgreens Deals Week of March 15,2009

Month Long Free After Rebate Items

Advanced Memory Formula 45 ct soft gels up to $19.99 (limit 1)
Axe Hair Care up to $5.99 (limit 1)
Wal-Zyr 24 hr allergy relief 5ct $3.99 (limit 1)
Extra Strength Headache Relief 20ct gel, Walgreens $2.99 (limit 1)

Register Reward Deals

Get $6 RR wyb 3 participating Listerine or Reach products at 3 for $9:
Reach ultra clean toothbrush or floss 30 yards
2 pk. advanced design toothbrushes
Listerine original, fresh burst cool, or vanilla mint mouthwash 500 ml

Reach toothbrush or Ultraclean dental floss or Listerine Pocket Paks 24ct
-$1 off Reach Toothbrush or Ultraclean Dental Floss RP 2/08

**Deal Idea**
Buy (3) toothbrushes and/or floss at $3 each
Use: (3) -$1.00 off coupons
Total Due: $6
Get Back: $6 RR, makes all 3 FREE!

Get $2 RR wyb 4 participating Dove products, Get $6 RR wyb 6, Get $8 RR wyb 8, on sale 25% off
Dove Beauty Bar, any 6 pk
-$1 Dove Beauty Bar - 6pk, RP 01/18, 3/15
Dove Body Wash, any 10 oz
-$1 Dove Body Wash - 10oz +, RP 01/18, 3/15
-$1.50 any Go Fresh body Wash, 10oz. or larger or beauty bar 6pk RP 3/15
Dove Cream Oil Hand or Body Lotion, any
-$1.50 Dove Cream Oil Hand or Body Lotion, RP 1/18, 3/15 or March All You.
-$1.50 Dove Cream Oil Body Wash, printable or
Dove Deodorant and/or Body Mist, any
-$1.50/2 Dove Deodorant and/or Body Mist, RP 1/18
-$1.25 any Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant, Deodorant or Body Mist RP3/15
-$1 off any Anti-perspirant or Deodorant RP 3/15
Dove Hair Care Product, any except trial
-$1 off Dove Hair Care product, printable (IE) or printable (FF)
or RP 3/15
-$1.50 Dove Hair Care Product, any RP 1/18
-$1.50 off any Conditioner RP 3/15
(This is the same deal that trial size deodorants and single bar soaps were working on two weeks ago. If your store has any of those products left it wouldn’t hurt to try and see if they are working this week too.)

$1 RR wyb Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick deodorant at $1.99

$2 RR wyb 4 two liter sodas – Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Sunkist at 4/$5

$2RR wyb 2 bags Dove Easter Chocolates at 2/$7

$10 RR wyb Vidal Sassoon Hairdryer or Straightener at $19.99

$5 RR wyb Claritin allergy relief at $19.99
-$5 Claritin, Non-Drowsy, any 24 Ct. + SS 2/22
Claritin, Any Adult or Children’s Non-Drowsy 4 Oz. Syrup Or 10 Ct. + SS 2/22

$3 RR wyb two of the following products:
Zyrtec at $12.99
-$4 Zyrtec Adult, 30 ct +, RP 2/08
Benadryl or Sudafed at $3.99
-$1.50/1 Sudafed OM, PE Any Excluding Trial Size RP 02/22, 12/7/08, 10/5/08
Tylenol cold or allergy gelcaps or liquid at $4.99
- $1Tylenol Cold or Sinus Rapid Release gels RP 2/8
-$1 Tylenol Cold, Sinus or Allergy Product, RP 1/04
-$2 Tylenol, Cold, printable

Visine A at $4.99
-$2/1 Visine
printable (IE) or printable (FF)
-$1/1 Visine product, any RP 01/04, 9/28/08

Other Deals

$5 in ad coupon off printer cartridge refill

Duncan Hines Cookie, Brownie, or Cupcake Mix $1
-.35/1 Duncan Hines Brownies, SS 2/01
-$1/2 Duncan Hines Brownies, SS 2/01

Hefty One Zip bags, B1G1 at $3.29 ea
-$1/2 Hefty One Zip Bags, SS 1/25
-.55/1 Hefty One Zip Bags, SS 1/25

Revlon Cosmetics, B1G1 entire line
-$2/1 Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, SS 2/08

Nature Made Vitamins, B1G1 entire line
-$1/1 Nature Made Vitamins, SS 1/04, 2/01, 3/01
-$1/1 Nature Made Vitamins, February All You Magazine

Hershey’s Easter M&M’s, $2 for $5
-$1 off (2) Hershey’s Candies Walgreens store coupon in March Easy Saver booklet
-$1.50/3 Hershey’s Candy 8-16oz

**Deal Idea**
Buy (6) Hershey’s Bags $2.50 ea
Use: (2) -$1.50/3 printables
(3) -$1/2 Easy Saver coupons
Total Due: $9, makes it $1.50 ea

Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo or Conditioner, 2 for $8
-$3 wyb (2) Pantene March Easy Saver Rebate
-$1/1 Pantene Nature Fusion Product, PG 3/01
(after rebates and coupons makes it $1.50 ea)

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste at $4.99 ea
-$1 off Sensodyne Walgreens coupon in March Easy Saver Booklet
-$1/1 Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste, SS1/04

Tena Serenity Protective Underwear 12-18 ct. at $9.99
-$5 March Easy Saver Rebate
-$2/1 Tena underwear, any SS 01/11 or April Good Housekeeping

Wet Ones Wipes, 40 ct. $1.99 with in ad coupon
-.75/1 Wet Ones Wipes, Any 40 Ct. + Canister SS 2/08

Blue Diamond Almonds, $4.99
-.75/2 Blue Diamond Almonds, Any 6 Oz. + SS 1/18
-$1/2 Blue Diamond Almonds printable

Trident Xtra Care Gum, 14 ct 2 for $2
-.75/1 Trident Xtra Care, any single pack , SS 1/18

Jelly Beans (assorted varieties, Brach’s, Starburst, SweeTarts, Life Savers, Mike & Ike), 2 for $3
-$1/2 Starburst Brand Jellybeans (and other candies), RP 3/01
-$1/2 Lifesavers Jellybeans, Walgreens store coupon in March Easy Saver booklet
-$1/2 Easter SweeTarts or Runts, Walgreens store coupon in March Easy Saver booklet

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