Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wish List for Missionaries in Brazil!

This is a post for mainly my church family, but if anyone else out there wants to help, feel free.

Chris Stansell is leaving the first of the month to go to Brazil to visit some missionaries there.

He always gets a list of item the families might need or want.

Listed below is a list for three missionary families.

If there is something you could pick up to donate...please contact me asap and let me know what you wish to donate.

This is a real chance to bless those who have made sacrifices to reach to world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Time is short, so respond quickly...I need to have this stuff by in the next week if possible!

Email me with what you'd like to donate.

Here is the list as sent to me by Kim Stansell

This is a wonderful way to help your children connect more to the mission field.

Durantes Family:

here is our wish list: anything can be generic or store brand:
2 boxes of Lucky Charms
poppy seeds
dill weed
(all the above spices can be just regular size)
large box of hemeorridal suppositories like prep H

The above are general for the family. Here are the specific requests;
Lawanda - Irish Mocha Mint from International coffees
Jedidiah - big bag od Skittles

That is it for fleshly desires! haha!

two - 2gb thumbdrives
one- 16gb thumbdrive
one memory stick for a sony digital camera DSC-W120 PRO Duo

only other things would be if you can find without too much trouble some cheap Bible coloring books - like for a dollar each at a dollar store - we would like 20 to give to our SS children who have never had a coloring book.

Graham and marsh mlw

And music CDs

Christian and classical

Whitmore Family

1.Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, adult/children [capsule or coated] (2 adult & 3-4 children) package of washcloths
8.Canned Chilis 4or 5


11. Blo-pen refills

13.Mint Oreos

14.Candy Kisses

15.Butterscotch chips 2 bags

16.Beef Jerky


19.Milky Way

21.Almond Joy

22.Trail Mix – any of Wal-mart brand

Items 1 – 3 are needs

one Flexi- Ruler for school

two cans of cranberry and two cans of cranberry sause. This is for Thanksgiving and CHRIST mas dinner.

Johnson Family

5 bags of marshmallows (little white ones)
Cayenne pepper
Maple Syrup
1 cans of cooking oil (spray)
Tom's of Maine Toothpaste
Tom's of Maine Deoderant
Hot Cheetos
3 rolls of disposable Lint remover
Watchamacallits candy bars

I could use some wrinkle-free Stafford shirts (15 neck / 32/33 sleeve) any color

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