Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday Medical Awareness: Inflammatory Breast Cancer:Guest Post

Ladies, we have all been told how to do our monthly breast checks for lumps, right? Well what if I told you that you could get a type of breast cancer that has nothing to do with a lump...If that is all you are looking will miss it completely!
Well, Today I have a very special guest. She is one of those folks I spoke about last week, She became her own health advocate. She had to!

Her name is Sandie.
First, I'd like you to watch this video and then read Sandie's Story.
You need this information ladies, and
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Sandie's Story Part 1

Six years ago I had never heard of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC), and I'd be willing to bet that a fair majority of you reading this have never heard of it, either. Unfortunately, most of us become quick studies in this deadly breast cancer out of necessity when we or someone we love has been diagnosed. I am honored to be able to post this Guest Blog and share my journey with IBC over the past six years. The best news I can give you is I'm Still Here! If you were to type IBC or Inflammatory Breast Cancer into a Google search a few years ago, you would have been presented with a limited number of actual informational sites, and none of them had anything encouraging or hopeful to say. In fact, one of my first searches for self-diagnosis led me to the Mayo Clinic home page and a White Paper that stated, in no uncertain terms, that IBC was incurable and the survival rate was zero. Can you even imagine reading something like that?! Once I realized the paper had been published in 1994 I felt a bit better, being an fairly well-educated person I immediately understood this was sorely outdated and I needed to continue my quest for information. But we don't all do that, and I want to share what I know so if you ever have to deal with IBC, personally or someone you know, you will have not only information, but hope and encouragement. Remember, I'm Still Here!

Part 2 of Sandie's Story

Part 3 of Sandie's Story

To visit Sandie's Blog-Click Here

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