Saturday, August 22, 2009

Organizing Those Coupons!

If you have a coupon and you have a great sale yet you can't find the coupon....what good did it do you to save it?

There are many methods of organizing your coupons. You will have to research and decide for yourself which method fits your personality style.

Here are some links to methods of organization you may research for yourself.

Envelope Method:

Alphabethical File Method:

Binder Method:

Still Another Binder Method:

This is just a few ideas to get you creative juices flowing.

I use the Binder Method to store my coupons that are not specified for a specific sale.

I use a manila envelopes containing:
One for each store with a print out of sales and coupon match ups
matching coupons

So when I go into a store, I pull out my matching envelope containing sale list and matching coupons.

You will drive yourself crazy!

When you first start collecting coupons it can be VERY overwhelming if you try to cut them all out and organize them....

1. File your Sunday Inserts by dates....FILE THE WHOLE INSERT!
When you come across a coupon match up you can go right to the insert and you can find it easy....

2. You can cut out coupons that you KNOW you might need on a spur of the moment transaction. Things you know you will buy or things you might find in clearance or on sale..having the coupon makes the deals SWEETER!

ie: toilet paper, shampoos, conditioner, feminine needs, your favorite salad dressing, etc.
As time goes on you will know instinctively which coupons you will need to have on hand.

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