Friday, December 5, 2008

Community Service and a little Bragging for a Homeschool Mom!

This semester my oldest daughter, Rebecca took a communications class. I thought that it was mostly going to be on how to speak in public. I was wrong for sure.

The class took part in a community service project at a local park and boy did they work hard.

Part of the assignment was to report on the project and my daughter choose to report by blogging on the progress of the project.

She did a good job. Of course I would think so ...She's mine....:)

I wanted to share it with you...brag a little

Click here to visit her blog

Also the College newspaper picked up and reported on the blog...I am still bragging, bear with me. Go here to see the article

She came home today and said that the Nashville Tenneasean had also picked up the article. I have not found it yet....but its out there and my chest is
No, seriously these kids worked really hard and got down and dirty during this project...I am prould of all of them and here is a cyber pat on the back.
Good Job!

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shydub said...

thats a pretty slick idea. you should be proud of her and for yourself as a mom

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