Friday, December 5, 2008

Awesome Free Paper Dolls: Good Cheap Fun!

Do you remember the original Betsy McCall paper doll series. For those who may be old enough to remember (!), beginning in 1951, McCalls magazine used to put out a page in their magazine with the Betsy McCall paper doll series for young girls to cut out. Each issue had new outfits and new things to add to this collection.
This whole series is now available to freely download here. I think they go back to 1951, and some of the pages are adorable. You actually have access to each and every page of the Betsy McCall series, I wanted to pass it along if you have a young daughter!
Yes, it will take paper and ink to print, but it's a pretty inexpensive activity you and your daughters could do together.And by the way, if you get tired of the Betsy McCall dolls and want to print out other paper dolls, just do a quick Google search and you'll find more free paper dolls to download then your daughter could probably ever have time to cut out and play with in her lifetime!

1 comment:

Renae said...

Thanks for sharing this link. My daughter's (and I) enjoy paper dolls and these are adorable.

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