Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ministery Needs: Donate Your Free Items To Help Others!

I am posting a list of needs for various ministries at South Haven Baptist Church.
Some of you who read my blog my have no connection with these various ministries...but you may have similar ministries in your church.
These list might just get your brain working on what items you might be able to get for free and donate.

I hope this will help those who are learning to become frugal shoppers here in Tennessee and those all across the country.

Circle J Ranch
Paper Towells
Toilet Paper
Paper Plates
Paper Cups
Cleaning Products
Pain Relief Products

Circle J Ranch has folks who come on a daily basis to work. Vicki will feed large groups of men and women on a daily basis. So with that in mind..on with the list
Fresh Produce
Can Goods
Frozen Foods
Snack Foods ie crackers, snack bars, etc

More Lists to come!

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