Thursday, July 30, 2009

National Cheesecake Day: Freebies, Half Off & Recipes!

For lovers of the cheesy cakes, there is no greater holiday. And today several cheesecake purveyors are offering free or half-off slices. Regional spots like Elis Cheesecake World in Chicago and Copelands in Georgia and Louisiana are offering customers free slices. If you've got a favorite local spot that specializes in cheesecakes, give them a ring. Chances are they're offering some sort of freebie or special to mark the day.

And the national outlet The Cheesecake Factory is also celebrating with a sweet deal: half off a slice of their super-rich creations. The catch is you must dine in to get the deal, and we're guessing you'll have to wait a while for a table. But half-price cheesecake doesn't come around every day, so if you're a fan, head on over. (Check with your local Cheesecake Factory to be sure they're participating, first!)

And if you're not able to hit The Cheesecake Factory today, try one of these 10 great recipes for cheesecake at home.

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