Thursday, July 30, 2009

Couponing Workshops- Information

Several months ago the Lord kept bring to my attention all the families that are really having a hard time making ends meet in this economy.

Times are hard right now for many families and for many reasons. Many families I know have heard God's calling to add to their family through foster care or adoption of children. Many of there families grew to number 8,9 or 10 in the family...
Obviously, Mom has to stay home and take on that full time job. And Dad has to work...sometimes 2 jobs.

Some families have jobs that have been lost or pay has been cut.

January of 2008, I stumbled across a way of saving more than the norm in the grocery and drug stores.
I have always been a careful and frugal shopper, shopping clearance, sales and with coupons sometimes.

Well, this was far and beyond what I had ever done before and what I was surprised to learn was, it was doable....

I have been saving money by using this method for over 1 and 1/2 years.
I decided to start conducting workshops to help families save money too...and save BIG!

I decided with the Lords help to make this a business for my family as well.
I just graduated my youngest after homeschooling her for 13 years and well, I am out of a job, sorta.

I have a passion for saving and I want to share it with you.

If you want to see some successes of our some testimonies here.

I can schedule workshops in your home if you want to host one. You can invite your friends and family and share this with them...I promise they will thank you.

The hostess will have benefits. The workshop will be free for the hostess and the hostess can actually choose some of the specific topics covered.
The hostess will receive prizes based on how many people are in attendance.

Please email me if you are interested.

I can also schedule to do this workshop through ladies ministries in churches.
If your ladies ministry is interested please contact me to schedule.

Cell: 615-585-2416

For FAQ check here

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