Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frugal Tip: Don't Let Your Menu Control Your Budget! Learn How to Control Your Menu!

Make your weekly menu around what is in your pantry and the weekly sales. Instead of making your shopping list around a menu. 
The normal thought process is to make a weekly menu , then make your shopping list and go out and spend alot of money.
You can really save some money changing your thought process:
First go to your pantry and make a list of items you have you could use for the week.  Keep in mind to look for items that might be close to expiration. Check the freezer as well.
Next you will want to see what special sales are going  on at the grocery this week. 
Put these two together and make your menu around this list..use a website called RecipeMatcher to help you formulate recipes.
On this website you enter ingredients you have and it will give you a list of recipes that you may want to try.
You will be exposed to new recipes as well.
You will really save some money using this method. 
RecipeMatcher is a website that you can input ingredients and it will give you a choice of recipes that you can make.....VERY USEFUL TOOL!


Suzanne with Laughing Wallet said...

I clicked on the links, but they didn't work. :( It sounds like a great tool, though! It's easy to get stuck making the same dishes over and over, so how great to have a tool that will give you new ideas for the ingredients you already have on hand!

Lynne Campbell said...

Thanks Suzanne! I fixed the links...

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