Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Medical Awareness: Something is Bugging Me, and Biting Me!

How to Safely Remove Unwanted Pests From Your Environment.

With so many things in our environment that can cause us problems physically, like pesticides, pollution, growth hormones and other things added to our food that can harm  us in the long run, it is always nice to find a natural solution to a problem. Especially when the solution actually does solve the problem.

A little over 2 years ago I started to feel something crawl on me....I would look down and there was nothing there.  I decided maybe it was time to change the bed
That would help for maybe one night and then again I felt crawling.  At first there was not biting....just crawling..I still could see nothing.
I tried to ignore it and slowly it was DRIVING ME CRAZY!

To make matters worse, I was the only one in the family that could feel the little critters.  I decided to search the internet.

Now, at this point I want to praise God above for his direction. There are alot of things on the market that do not work and they can run you alot of money.

But I came across 2 products that really helped and worked.

One Product Called Kleen Green Naturally  is a Chemical Free Enzyme Cleaner that is dubbed an Premium Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Insect Solution.  It comes in a concentrate that you can dilute for what every use you will need.
I used it in my bath water...I would soak in this every night with my head up under the water so I could soak my scalp and my ears....On the relief!  I put it in my shampoo!  I used it in my laundry rinse cycle, I also mixed up a spray bottle of this and sprayed my bed every morning , including the floor all around the bed, pillows...etc. Also if I was in an area where I felt activity , in the carpet on a chair got a spray!

I feel that this product gave me relief and helped me get through this horrible trial.

This next product I think was the CURE for my problem.

This product is called Best Yet from Cedarcide.

You can search the website for a vast amount of information...I talked with the owner and inventor of this wonderful product.  He listened to me cry over the phone and offered words of encouragement. 

I was using the Natural Pest Control Fogging-Fumigation Technology. I got results from the Best Yet Formula, but not quite enough so the owner suggested I get the pure cedar oil and boost the Best Yet with the pure oil....


I have had to continue to fog on a regular basis...But we are almost to 0 activity. I still do feel some activity here and there...but I know that all I have to do is fog and it will take care of it.


There are some strains of these mites --Some are seriously stubborn...

This is an investment....but I promise it is cheaper than the drugs the doctor is gonna try to put you own because everyone thinks you are crazy!

Don't try to figure out exactly what type of mite you have....just get the stuff and kill the little sucker....

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