Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Layered Enchilada for a Crowd or a Large Family

I have gone and done it again.

I have created a new recipe.

This recipe is perfect for a crowd, or a large family....
Like the Lassiters, the Hatchers, Newberns, McDougalds, or Hutchinsons

Yes, we have alot of large families in our church.

So here we go...

You will need:
10 corn tortillias (I get these at Aldi)
5 or 6 tortillias for the base crust
The remaining used torn into bite size pcs in the layers

5 Cups Rice-Cooked (white or brown)
2 Cans Green Enchilada Sauce (10 oz) (I used Kroger Brand)
1 Can Refried Beans-Fat Free-16 oz (Aldi Brand)
1 Can Black Beans-15 oz-rinsed and drained;(Kroger or Aldi)
1 Can Diced Tomatoes and Green Chillis-Drained-14.5 oz-(Aldi)
1 Can Corn-Drained or Frozen Corn
Sour Cream-Light or Fat Free-16 oz
2 Cans Chicken Breast-Drained-13 oz
1 pkg Enchilada sauce Mix-I used McCormick..any will do
4 cups of Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese

Use a very large Casserole dish..

Spray with Pam

layer 1
5 or 6 corn tortillas to cover the bottom...make them curve up the side too if you can

layer 2
Mix the Rice with the can of enchilada sauce and pour 1/2 of the mixture in and spread evenly

layer 3
1/2 of your corn
1/2 the black beans
1/2 the tomatoes with chillis
1/2 of your Cheese sprinkled

layer 4
spread out sparsely some of the bitesize tortillia pces

layer 5
Mix in a bowl
Refried Beans, Sour Cream, remaining Black Beans and the
Package of McCormicks Enchilada sauce Mix
Pour into casserole and spread evenly

Layer 6
Crumble and spread evenly
Chicken Breast
Remaining Corn
Remaining Tomatoes with chillis

layer 7
Spread the remaining Rice Mixture out evenly

layer 8
Top with the remaining Cheese

Cook for at 350 degrees for 45min to on hour
or until bubbly and heated through

Serve with Sour Cream, Salsa, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes ...use your imagination

You can also make homemade tortillia chips to go with this.

Just cut a stack of tortillias into 8 wedges (like a cutting a pie)
Spread on a baking sheet in one layer
Spray with pam
Sprinkle lightly with Chilli Powder

If you try this recipe....please post your results...If you change it up any...please post your variation of this recipe.


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