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Maximizing Grocery Savings By "Stacking" Coupons!

Stacking Coupons
....Say What...? Do What?

Okay, This can get a little complicated. Bear with me.

First of all, different stores have different policies on this subject...
You will have to be patient and be a good student for each store....

REMEMBER....the rules can change on a daily basis...and it is the managers final decision....
NEVER-EVER be rude and unchristian when things don't go as planned.

I can promise you that you will have a plan and there will be times that your plan will be foiled...

So lets recap:
  1. Be Patient Be A Good Student for Each Store
  2. Respect The Managers Authority
  3. Don't Be Rude or Unchristian
  4. Expect Rules to Change and Roll with It!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, on to understanding what exactly
"stacking a coupon" is.

It is not physically putting one coupon on top of another really...but it is :)

First we need to lay a little groundwork.

Learning Different Types of Coupons...............

Manufacturer's Coupons

These are the coupons that are in the newspaper inserts, printable online, and some are sent in mailers or in magazines. They will always say "Manufacturer's Coupon" across the top of the coupon along with the expiration date.

These can be used at any store that accepts manufacturer's coupons...duh!

Store Coupons

Many stores will produce store coupons to give to their costumers...some are mailed out and some are simply available to be picked up at the store. I have even seen some store coupons in the Sunday newspaper inserts.


These are coupons you can load (by visiting various websites) onto a shopping card...
e-coupons can only be used at Kroger (or Kroger affiliate stores) right now. This may change so keep your eyes open for that posibility.

There are three companies currently that offer coupons you can load to your Kroger card,
  1. Procter and Gamble----
  2. Shortcuts---
  3. and Cellfire---
All of the coupons work the same way. You go onto the individual sites and select which coupons you want and save them to your Kroger Shopper Card.

Facts to know about e-coupons and how they work:
  1. You can use a paper coupon with any e coupon!! (That’s the best part!!)
  2. The e coupon does not show up until you or the cashier has hit the total button in the transaction.
  3. E-coupons do not double.
  4. If you load a coupon for the same product on your card twice (either from one site that has two available or one from two sites) it will only take off one for each item. Ex: You load (2) Chex Mix coupons, you buy 1 Chex Mix product, it will only use one coupon. If you buy 2 Chex Mix Products, it will use both e coupons.
  5. You are allowed 50 coupons at a time on your card total between Procter & Gamble and Shortcuts. Cellfire has its own maximum of 50 that is separate from the 50 mentioned before. After you go shopping you can come home and load more coupons.
  6. Once you load a coupon it is on your card until you purchase the product or the coupon expires! You can’t remove them any other way.

General Tip: Make sure you read the e coupon carefully, know what the exact product, size etc is that you should buy. If you get the wrong thing it does not tell you like a paper coupon does when it beeps.

Okay, this is where it gets interesting.

Some stores that I am aware of that produce Store Coupons are : Kroger, Foodlion, Target, Publix, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS. Here are examples from Kroger and Publix:

Kroger will let you use:
  • * 1 manufacturer coupon and
  • *1 kroger store coupon and
  • *1 e-coupon on the same item.
(side note: ask at the customer service desk..some Kroger stores have taken Competitor coupons. Managers Discretion)

So lets say I bought a
  • bottle of herbal essence shampoo for $2.69
  • manufacturer coupon ($1.00)
  • kroger coupon (will not double) ($ .50)
  • e-coupon (will not double) ($.50.)
  • Final Price $.69
Using the three different coupons on one item is "STACKING COUPONS"

Here are some helps when shopping at different stores:

Publix--you can use:
  • *1 manufacturer and
  • *1 competitor and
  • *1 store coupon per item
and in an the coupon world this doesn’t happen very often.

Some Publix stores only allow 2 coupons per item, most do allow 3.

For example:
  • Suave Shampoo on sale for $.99 a bottle X 2 $1.98
  • Foodlion Store Coupon (competitor coupon) $1.00/2 ($1.00)
  • Manufacture Coupon $1.00/2 ($1.00)

Usually the price will adjust in the register so they don't owe you any money...he he....but you should always have figured you shopping out so you always owe them


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