Monday, November 9, 2009

" The Christmas Sampler" Put Me In The Spirit

I had not planned to go to The Christmas Sampler this past Saturday. I wasn't really even dressed for it...I at least did have my make up I didn't scare anyone too badly.

But at a whim a friend and I decided to check it out.
I had been many years ago and really didn't remember much about it.

I really enjoyed the experience and met alot of really great folks from our area.
They all had some interesting things.

I wanted to share some of my finds with ya.

The first booth that really caught my eye was the one selling COFFEE!
This is a local company that roasts the coffee right here in Tennessee.
I was delighted because I had left home with a cup but had spilled it...whoops

Cumberland Valley Coffee
is located in Greenbrier, Tennessee and has an unheard of service....
Cumberland Valley Coffee wants to provide our
Greenbrier, Springfield, & White House neighbors
with fresh roasted coffee - delivered right to your
I think that you will love the coffee, I had two cups and I liked both cups...
Cumberland Valley Coffee also has a fund raising program.
This looks like a good one if you are looking for something that everyone wants.

Thanks to Cumberland Valley Coffee for making my Saturday a better Day!

I will share another booth that I enjoyed at the Christmas Sampler in Springfield TN in another post...

This all got me in the Christmas Spirit for sure.

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