Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Traditions booklet - Publix


All the coupons are store coupons and expire 12/31

.55/1 bottle of Publix Pancake syrup 36oz

.55/1 jar of Publix Peanut butter 40oz

$1/2 boxes of Publix Frozen Waffles

$1 off box of Publix Koo-Kies Cereal

$1 off box of Publix PB and Cocoa Cereal

.55/1 box of Publix Instant Oatmeal

$1 off box of Publix Crunchy Rice and Wheat Toasted Cereal with Strawberries

.55/1 bottle of Publix Chocolate Flavored Syrup 24 oz.

$1 on any one box of Publix Crunchy Rice Toasted Cereal

.55/1 box of Publix Woven Wheats Crackers

.55/1 box Publix Rich and Crisp Crackers

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