Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recipes From a Frugal Mom! Using Items From Recent Sales

Do you have any creations you have put together using your frugal finds.

I have been putting some recipes together and want to share some ideas with you.

I had gotten Pillsbury Pizza Dough on sale at Kroger....I have several things we have come up to do with it.

Of course you can make..
Pizza and we have done several versions...But what else....

1.Cinnamon Rolls....just spread the dough out...sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar-roll up and cut to size and bake. YUMMY!

2. Breakfast Roll ups....same concept but instead of cinnamon and sugar....go with scrambled eggs, sasuage , and cheese....roll up and bake in a log....pinch the ends to keep it closed and slice just before serving.....

3. Breakfast Pizza....Spread out the dough, use pepper gravy mix to make a gravy and spread it out instead of pizza sauce..sasauge, scrambled eggs, bacon...what ever you like ...cheese and bake...very, very good.

What ideas do you come up with?
Let us know!

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