Monday, February 23, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday-The Saga of The French Doors

Have you ever felt as if you will never have all the ducks in a row and have everything finished all at the same time....sometimes I think I might scream! Our house is a never ending list of things to do!

Anyway, with that in mind.....I we have been in this house for 17 and 1/2 years. We just replaced the french doors in the basement, which is currently serving as our bedroom....yes, double french doors and no you get the

Well, so the new doors are in, and I am thinking, since we have someone renting the mother in law apartment right now ........................and they park right outside of the double french doors, which, did I mention is my bedroom, and there are no walls......just one big room and two french door!!!!!!!!:(.......

So, I decided maybe it was time to put something up to keep everyone from peeping in my bedroom. I got these sheers up and they seem to do the trick in the day time but at night, not so depressing to get the project done and it not be the total solution...

Here is the result...they look good except for the insulation all around the door...I am not really sure if this the the permanent look or you see the pretty pink insulation?

Here is a funny for you. I have a very large grand upright piano the I put sorta as a wall between this lovely door and my bedroom part. There is an office right inside the door, a piano as a separation, (sorta) and then the bedroom...against the far wall is a mirrored dresser. The piano is a grand upright and is tall enough that is comes up to my nose. I thought I was purdy smart, right. I had made a place I could dress and be blocked from the dreaded french doors.

My daughter comes in one day from outside, the french doors and says to me, "Mom, do you really think that no one can see you?"
I peeking from behind the piano and said , Of course not, I am behind the piano silly."
She laughed and said, "Mom, turn around."
With a puzzled look, I looked around , into a very large mirror with her waving to me and me, in my unmentionables bigger than howdy for all to see.
I about died. She laughed until she was crying.

So there you have it, the saga of the French Doors and the solution that looks good but doesn't really solve the whole problem.
Do you have any suggestions, Please Help Me!
Hope you enjoyed my story.


Susie said...

How about tackling some blinds?

itsahumanzoo said...

I agree with Susie. Some curtains should do the trick. :)

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