Friday, February 6, 2009

Bank Of America: Museums on Us -Free Admission to Local Museums

Bank of America has a wonderful promotion called "Museums on Us"'s been going on since last year. If you have any type of Bank of America card (check, ATM or credit) you can get free admission to over 70 museums on the first weekend of every month.

This weekend (February 7th and 8th) is one of those FREE weekends! Visit the link below for more details on the museums in your area, if any. I am not so lucky, it doesn't seem to be in my state yet....but we are hoping soon.

This is an awesome program....Thanks Bank of America!!
Free Weekends:
Feb 7 & 8
Mar 7 & 8
Apr 4 & 5

Check Here to see if your state is participating.

Mark those on your calendar!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I didn't find the link to check the participating locations.

We were lucky enough to happen upon this promotion when we visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York last year. We had a blast and were tickled with the savings!

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