Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whats Better Than a Free Movie!

I know this has been mentioned several times by several ladies...but yesterday...it came to me how much this "WORKS FOR ME!!"

Have you see those Red Boxes where you can rent movies. They are located in Walmarts, outside Walgreens and McDonalds in our town.

You can rent DVD movies for $1.00 for one night. THIS IS A GREAT DEAL!


On Mondays....Red Box gives out a code for a free rental for one night.

Now this is one free rental per ATM card....lol..

We have 5 ATM Cards in our family. I only realized this yesterday......What made me realize this you say?

My husband was sick in bed for the second day. On a Monday.....Well, court TV was not amusing him in the least. So he asked if I could go rent him some movies....We do not have cable TV by the way...only local channels by antenna.

I just went online and searched for Monday Code for Red Box and off we went. We got 5 movies for him and he was happy...He watched all of them...poor baby.

Just don't forget to return them all the next day...lol

Used to when he'd get sick, I 'd go rent several movies from the local rental and it'd cost over $10.00. I hate that.

Even if his sick day was not on a Monday....We would only pay $1.00 per movie...BIG SAVINGS!

Here is a link to get Red Box Codes!


Nessa said...

I love red box for this very reason!

Tara said...

lol I didn't realize that .. you could get a free one for each card. That's funny!!

kristine said...

free movies! awesome!

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