Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homeschool Field Trips on The Cheap

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is the fact that you can enrich you children through field trips.

In our area, there is a wealth of possible field trips that a family mayy participate in for little money. With gas prices the way they are, you will end up with some investment in gas for sure. But if you are careful, you can still come out smelling like a rose and keep you money in your pocket.

One way to save is to look for activities that there is no admission charge..
FREE is the key word here.

County, City or State Museums---
Our Tennessee State Museum is extensive, you could spend several days going through it...
and it is FREE!

Public Library Exhibits--
Nashville Public Library just had a FREE exhibit of an original copy of the Declaration of Independence.
There are always exhibits that include artists of various mediums. Check out their website for a list of upcoming events, storyhours, puppet shows and many other activities that are sure to enrich your children. For FREE!

Dress Rehearsals for Performances in your area---
Like the Nashville Symphony, or Broadway Shows or Christmas Special Shows; ie,Rockettes Christmas Shows, Nutcracker, Christmas Plays, etc

Our area Nashville Symphony has rehearsals that they invite area school children to...bonus is after the rehearsal, the featured artist gives an q&a session for the kids....AWESOME AND FREE!

The Rockettes have come to Nashville to do a Christmas Show....The ticket go fr $65.00....But, they gave our home school group a number of tickets to the rehearsal for FREE! That was awesome because many of these families could have never afforded to attends this....

Most area historical homes or sites have a FREE day once a year...

Our area The Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson has a free day on his birthday each year, March 15.

Our local Art Museum. The Frist has kids get in FREE everyday, Adults cost $8.00 But ...They have a free day every month sponsored by a local bank. Every Thursday night College Students get in FREE! FREE FAMILY DAYS
The Frist Center features periodic free family days throughout the year. Special programs and activities created just for families and are themed around current exhibitions. Plus I think there are other free days.

Living History Events will usually donate some free tickets to home school groups.

You just basically have to do your homework...

Make a list of the places you want to go, make some phone calls, check the web.

Team up with other home school families and share rides.

If you have any ideas on how to do family field trips on the cheap...
leave a comment and share with us...

Happy Homeschooling

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Arielle said...

I am a part of 3 different email field trip groups. Two are Yahoo groups and one just sends out emails each week. The great thing is that they are all field trips with group discount rates and I can pick and choose. Wonderful opportunities!

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